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October 14, 2009


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Lovely sweaters!! Sometimes I wish I could knit... :-(

I hope you get to post back here very soon (i.e. that you get done with the chapter revision quickly).

this: "Why did you dress me like a 1970s appliance?" Because I loved you so, my darling. just made me laugh and laugh, nearly waking up my sleeping husband.

the perfect prayer for us! thanks! i will pray one for you and one for me! have been in a slump w/ my own writing- i actually have to finish this one dumb thing and i need to just sit and do it! but so many things pull me from it that when i actually sit to do it i just can't concentrate, and get annoyed w/ the tediousness of it. bleh. ANYWAY! prayers for you, that your chapter finishes quickly and easily.

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