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June 21, 2009


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What is your battle plan? I'm in a similar quadragesimal-approaching situation!

Oh! You should totally cut off one of your arms. You already do things one-armed anyway, so you'll hardly notice.

In what context did you originally encounter "steatopygian"?

So five servings of vegetables and a gallon of water a day aren't cutting it anymore?

You. Are. Brilliant. I don't even know what some of those words mean, so that means you're intelligent AND brilliant. Surely those qualities subtract about 12 pounds from your starting battle zone, no?

Yes, but what if these are the nursing 10 lbs that sometimes beleaguer nursing mothers until after weaning? They might be good at keeping their heads down and just hanging on....

Best of luck!

May the steatopygia soon transform itself to callipygia!

Thanks for the good wishes, everybody, and Sarah, thank you for the kind words. I tried telling my shorts that they should bow to the power of my superior vocabulary and zip already, but they lay there silently mocking me.

Maria: more on the battle plan soon.

bearing-Erin: would have worked better if I'd been more consistent.

Rob: high school, my friend Patrick.

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