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December 18, 2008


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I am not a knitter but love your projects and am fascinated by all of the terminology! (BTW, it looks like a turtle to me).

Prayers for a safe delivery for you and your little gymnast. :)

Excellent turtle. I am in the process of finishing a baby bunting for a friend, two scarves and frogging a half-finished sweater. Good times.

All appearances to the contrary, there is no actual RULE that baby girls have to wear pink. Mine looked totally adorable in strong red, navy blue, green and yellow. Not that she never wore pink, but I kept it to a minimum.

Ah, lovely lovely knitting! Love the mutant turtle, too.

How clean is your kitchen floor now, anyway?

Ha ha ha! Pink! (sigh) I hate pink, too. I only bought two pink things for my daughter during her first year, but my mother only bought pink, so we had a metric ton of pink stuff. Like an earlier commenter, my daughter looked lovely in other colors - for her, it was deep red, navy, aqua, and pale blue. Just like any other person, Miss Olga will look good in the colors that are meant for her. Hopefully they'll be colors you can live with. ;)

Prediction: in proof that the universe has balance, your daughter will be born seven weeks late and weigh eighteen pounds.

pink is okay. though I prefer other colors, or strong colors - "Hot pink" is fun.

head down. find the light, Olga!

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