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August 15, 2008


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J used to hiccup a LOT. So fun.

As for figuring out which end was up, I asked a doctor how he could tell when he pushed on my belly. His answer? Heads wiggle. Butts don't. I didn't find that all that helpful. :-)

almost 12 years straight of diapers? Yes, I'd celebrate the end (even if it were temporary).

glad to hear that the caseworker touched base at least. here's hoping that it means bright and early Monday morning...

(still praying for you - but also awed at how prayers are answered, even if they aren't answered in the way we expect. Such peace you have, is awesome, and a blessing, and a gift from God. Good for you!)

or is it over 12 years? I'm losing track of your children's ages again. Is your eldest younger or older than my Nina? I can NOT remember.

maybe I'm old.

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