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August 12, 2008


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praying for over. OVER. (OVER!!! with exclamation points to make it hurry more)

I love "I'm Indy, nursing" - so so cute!!!

Oh, these are funny indeed, particularly Ghengis's mother and Nietzsche.

We'll keep praying that everything will turn out fine.

So funny! And I hope this whole mess is over, soon, too. I was going to comment on the previous post...I can't imagine that writing what you did could have any possible effect on your situation, and I don't think it puts you in anything but a positive light (plus, I love stories about moms accomplishing superhuman physical feats when their children are in danger!)...but, if it's still causing you worry, why not take it down, at least temporarily? Again, not because you SHOULD take it down--but why add to your own anxiety right now? No one here will judge you for it either way. (If you now feel OK with the post being up, on the other hand, leave it up!)

I don't know about that Nietzsche bit. In some houses/families, reading IS a drug, and Nietzsche is some seriously heavy stuff. I do hope you keep that under lock and key. ;)

I keep stopping in to see if this is resolved. I'm sorry it's still lingering and I hope it's over soon.

You just made me laugh out loud and wake up the baby! :)

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