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July 06, 2008


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Hi. My name is Mary, and I am an ... albumer.

I try to put them in albums pretty quickly, and I do buy albums that have a little spot for writing a caption, but albums they are.

My husband and I made some fancier scrapbooks (with fancy paper! And stickers!) for our more exciting vacations, but that was before we had a kid. Now we don't do so much vacation and the pictures are lucky to get into the albums.

Also, I should mention that your boys are awfully cute. Or should I say handsome??

All of our pictures are digital and we keep all 6,000 of them in iPhoto. We have a computer with an Olympian Harddrive (and all of our photos are backed up on an off-site server). Every year or so we pick out some of the highlights and have a photobook printed off. I think we use apple.com's service. Sometimes we have 4x6 prints made for grandparents or for P to bring to work.

We take so many pictures. The best way to keep them all organized is to keep them digital for now.

I'll join. About two months ago, I even outed myself to my neighbor, a scrapbooker who acknowledges herself to be about a year or so behind. She looked perplexed until I described how I saw it:
-I have the supplies and I enjoy it, but
-I am over three years behind with my daughter and I have a baby due in September, so
-if I want to preserve the existing pictures, simply getting them into my already-purchased scrapbooks in album formation seems to be the best solution.
-Also, my family seems to think I need all the pictures they never put into albums, so I have piles of pictures that defy organization, so
-putting those pics into scrapbooks/albums with just a small caption so the knowledge isn't lost is really better than losing them.


I mean, I hope so, because that is totally what I'm going to do. Sometime this summer. I swear. ;)

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I haven't put pictures in albums since 2004. Yes, I am four years behind. Now that I have a little one I am trying to catch up. I get my pictures through Shutterfly.com and they have photo books that are so easy to put together. I did one for Audrey's first six months and it turned out great!

i love that you celebrate your son's half birthday. as a 12/28'er, i so wish that my parents would have instituted a plan like that for me. of course, my older brother is 6/29, so that would have not been fun for them or him, i suppose!

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