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June 19, 2008


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I am a sock knitter, and this is a lovely, lovely metaphor. Best wishes and prayers to your friend.

Hee, I have always said to people, I am not a prayer blanket or prayer shawl knitter...for the love, I cannot knit those things or I will die of boredom, still clutching the needles. I'll knit ya some prayer socks, though....so much more up my alley ;)

Also -- the next time your husband remarks on having spent 20 hours of your life knitting a pair of socks, do point out the dollar-per-hour entertainment cost. You get way more bang for your buck knitting socks than say, watching a movie...and when you're done you have something to show for it! :)

with prayers for your friend.

If there is grace to live the Christian life, I wonder if there is also grace to finish a whole pair of socks as well?

Prayers for your friend.

That's beautiful CJ!

(I'm on ravelry too, I'm pigwotknits)

"I believe that in the seasons when we feel like we've been stretched too far and hung out to dry, God can work in us, calling forth the women we were meant to be."

Wow. I call that hope, and thank you for it. I am holding on tight to that one!!

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