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October 22, 2007


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CJ you stinker! I'm now 20 minutes late getting my first load of laundry in. Addictive is hardly the word!

I'm curious--in a nutshell, what were the speaker's thoughts? I'm in agreement with you that NCLB hasn't been positive for our educational system overall, and certainly not for kids with special needs.

The FreeRice site...I really don't need another excuse to spend more time on the computer. But I'm exercising my mind, right? ;)

Oh, my. Now I'm getting competitive and I want to know what everyone's vocab level is! And I'll get one wrong because I'm not familiar with the particular definition they're looking for and I'll start arguing with the website. But at least it's feeding the hungry, right?

Ohhhh, excellent game! My vocab level is 45... hopefully the scale isn't out of 100.

I sent my husband the vocab link and he emailed me back, "Made it to level 47 . . . and there goes my lunch hour."


I'm dying to know: what level did you get to?? Darn if I didn't find it addictive too. Made it to 48 but only briefly!

Oh, wtg on the "fell swoop." That must feel really satisfying to make such a big advance in efficiency!

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