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February 22, 2007


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that recipe looks yummy. K says we must make it soon.

glad you survived the midterm :-D Just the combination of words "statistics software" makes me want to break out in hives! So I would totally flunk.

i read this and thought- not fish? then finished reading, :)
glad the midterm went better- thankfully all of our midterms were written take-home papers- the joys of not being in a scientific-based field!

do you have any suggestions for healthy, organic, yummy oatmeal cookies? my kid keeps coming to me for "cookie-cookie-cookie!" and i would love to give her something with some nutritive value vs. my usual offerings (graham crackers, cheesey crackers, etc.) or cookies that are actually good-for-you treats with good things snuck in. just wondering as i remember you used to have many good recipes in another time. thanks!

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