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March 13, 2009


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Hi, just stopping by from Conversion Diary.

Don't feel too bad about the laundry. I don't have nearly as much to do as you and mine still piles up. I've decided that when I look back years from now the last thing I'll remember is whether the laundry was clean and folded.

I always wonder what Benjamin Franklin was thinking when he came up with that time-change idea. There's no way he brought up his own children, or he'd know what kind of trouble this brings up--twice a year!

And your little girl can be glad she has a mom who can show her how to work with curly hair. Think of how much harder it would be if your own hair was stick-straight! How would you even begin?

I just threw up my own QT - so easy to do a Friday post this way!

I am liking the later time for sunset, but it's even harder to get my kids going in the mornings. Hopefully it will be better next week.

and yeah for the funding continuing! that is great news!

I know what you mean about staring at common words and wondering about the spelling or whether it's a real word. I have that problem when I grade undergrad exams. Sometimes I miss misspellings because I'm so cross-eyed from the bad handwriting that I can't remember how the word is supposed to be spelled, and common words start to look like gibberish.

I am glad other people find the time change difficult. In the UK we do it in about 10 days time and I always dread it (both ways actually)
Some people look at me really strangely when I say I find it hard to get used to. More so as I get older. And of course for kids it is very disorientating. I will be teaching a one to one lesson at 8am on the Monday after the change and I expect both the child and I will be slightly spaced out.

And I hate it when people say we get an extra hour of daylight. That is just illogical. The whole system is crazy.

Ha, Mt. Laundry is what we call it at my house too! And we are still struggling in the morning with the time change, but I do love that it gets dark later.

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